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Vendor Spotlight: JLRocks!

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We are jewelry girls – there, we said it.  That said, we are not the type of gals who walk into (insert any upscale chain) and buy what the next girl is buying.  We have a secret resource – JL Rocks!

If you are looking for handcrafted, amazing jewelry at great prices – most of it handmade – you need look no further.  Liz owns about 10 pieces by now and is currently hunting down her next piece (it will be the rose gold band with the tiny diamond)!  PS – great for wedding and party jewels at non-insane pricing!

You must go to the website to see all the gorgeousness, but we’ve featured a photo of Liz’s favorites and the things she never takes off!  The microbands!  If you go, see Jamie Camche!  She’s a LOVE!

Is it registering?

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Our brides tend to panic just a wee bit before registering:  “will I need this?” “will he like it?” “will anyone buy this?” “shouldn’t I just get some white plates?” (answer: yes).

That said, gorgeous crystal never goes out of style and DP is a huge fan of the one and only William Yeoward.  Very vintage-y, a little bit “fu-fu-la”, it’s the kind of stemware you will use over and over at table when you aren’t using your Reidel stems for cocktail parties or Baccarat Harmonie rocks (on the left) for neat or highball drinks.

My very own pattern is “Camilla” (on the left).  Purchase at Neiman Marcus or any luxury retailer.

Something very blue and very fabulous.

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Christian Louboutin.  For the bride.  In a short dress.  Enuff said.  Blue.  Can’t show the pic here – you must click on the hyperlink!

And if that’s not your speed, there is always the Manolo Blahnik “Something Blue”.  Still available everywhere!

Devilishly good!

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Any beauty editor worth his/her eye cream knows the secret to the perfectly lined and filled in lip.  It’s Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Creme Lipliner in Brandywine (or 666, as beauty insiders call it, by code number).  While you may think lipliner has gone the way of the 90’s, it’s still the best way to keep a natural line, fill in and top with gloss (see previous posting) for a perfect pout.

Purchase at your local drugstore or here!  Enjoy!

Mally, Mally, Mally!

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I’ve been in luuuurve with Mally Roncal since she’s been doing Beyonce’s makeup since the dawn of the diva’s career.  Mally is a beauty powerhouse, mum to three (including 2 newborn twin girls) and wife to her gawgeous hubby for years.  Now a staple in editorial, TV and movie shoots, Mally has brought her goodness to the masses via QVC.  Her makeup is bulletproof, yummy and good for you.

I swear by her lipglosses as they are non-sticky and won’t wear off.  They also give you that neutral goddess shine we’re all looking for, regardless of skin tone.  My favorite and a fave in the office is the Life, Love and a Really Great Lipgloss gloss.  Order it now!  Best $15 you will ever spend!

Bar None.

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We interrupt beauty to bring you hostess gifts for that beach weekend in Malibu, the Hamptons or your own backyard.  Right now, setting up a proper bar seems right and we at dolce have been crushing on the goods at Iomoi for years.  Years, I tell ya!  So, let’s do it again!

Monogrammed Lucite bar trays?  Yessir!  Click on that hyperlink to see it all. Better than those Lucite heels with live goldfish.  Oh, and also a great bridesmaids’ gift, hint…choose your color, motif and monogram.  Gorge!  And what can we say about the napkins, coasters, ice buckets and pillows?  Sigh.

How do you not look forty-three?

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Oh, my, there I go again, but the Google machine will tell the truth, so why hide it?

I don’t have great skin.  It is dry in places, oily in places and can look tired when tending to work, writing and 2 young children.  And while many mass-market products have come to be so popular (and effective) in the marketplace, I still run to one source:  La Mer.

No, not the cream (got it) or the lotion in warmer months (got it), but the Regenerating Serum!  OH, the serum!  Honestly, the first two weeks that I began using it before bed or in the A.M. with nothing else – I can finally proclaim that I can run around with just lipgloss.  It is worth every cent of its princely pricetag!

It also goes without saying that if you do the proper skincare regimen in the evening before retiring to bed, one only need mist one’s face with toner or Evian water and apply some eye cream.  There is no need to take clean skin and mess with it or clog it in the morning!

LeMer, The Serum, can be purchased at most major luxury department stores.  It is a miracle and worth foregoing that pair of shoes or dinner out.  Pinkie swear!

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