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Monday Funday!!!

My name is Liz and I’m a Jonathan Adler addict.  For those who have not been to the SoHo flagship store, you may have noticed Adler’s kicky patterns in bookstores like Barnes and Noble for all things papery, including lap desk.  I am the proud owner of Adler bedding, vases, notepads, etc.

Holiday gifting?  Look no further than their “ish” guide.  I mean, a ping pong paddle and cover?  What a great idea times 2 for your favorite engaged or old married couple!  My favorite thing is this “Carbs” container! So many wonderful choices on this Cyber Monday!  More later – sorry for the quick post!

It’s Tuesday Shoesday!

I love a fabulous holiday sparkly shoe on a 5″ heel like no other girl.  But as we embark on party season, I have made a discovery that makes it even MORE fun.  Have you ever been at a party with excrutiating foot pain, running for a cab in stilettos, wishing you were home in your fuzzy socks?  I have a gorgeous solution!

These shoes, by Jamie Kreitman, are GENIUS.  They are gorgeous, embellished ballet flats (a la Miu Miu, but without the hefty price tag) that fold up, come in their own pouch and can fit in your purse.  Steathily, you can change into them at a party, or between parties and they will STILL complement your LBD or sparkly tee and jeans.  Now, where to stash the high heels?  Better bring more than a tiny clutch.

Order here. And check out the other styles!

Finally organized!

So, we’ve been traveling, doing parties, promoting books and entertaining friends.  With that comes our new and improved website and commitment to the blog.  Here lies the new schedule:

Monday Funday: anything goes!  Fashion, interiors, favors, honeymoon spots, new hot venues, gifting!

Tuesday Shoesday: wedding shoes, party shoes, snow shoes, ridiculous shoes

Wedding Wednesday: all things wedding!!!

Thirsty Thursday: wine reviews, new cocktails, barware, accessories

Food Friday: food trends, recipes, blogs, websites, hot restaurants!

So welcome, to the new DP website and organized blog!  We’ve finally figured it out!  xoxo

Thirsty Thursday is now a little delayed.

I was looking for the PERFECT Thanksgiving cocktail after 2 weeks on the road – ack!  Apple martini?  Heck, no!  I wanted something fall-like and wonderful for the holiday.  I wanted herbs and muddles and not too many gimmicks, something sophisticated that one would actually want to drink.  Hereby, I give you…The GINGER SPICE (no relation to a Spice Girl).

Get your shaker ready

Clean ice cubes

Here we go!

Ginger Spice

  • 1 ounce spiced rum (I prefer Mt. Gay)
  • 1/2 ounce ginger liqueur
  • 1 ounce fresh-press apple juice (or organic if you can, or even cider, but cold!)
  • Cinnamon stick

Rim a martini or even Collins glass with cinnamon-infused sugar.  It’s just exactly what it sounds like.  Shake ingredients together and strain into chilled martini glasses. Garnish with the shaken cinnamon stick and a sprinkle of nutmeg, done on a microplane grater.  Not cloying, not too sweet, just perfect!

We’re back! Food Friday – Jessica Seinfeld’s Pasta with Clams!

We’ve been on the road a bit, but stay tuned for our revamped website, our much more regular blog, better Tweeting and fresh ideas.  Being crazy busy event planners and especially, wedding planners means that clients come first! Liz’s “other” job as author has taken over her life for a bit, along with 2 young children and a new home.  Phew!

That said, we stumbled upon Jessica Seinfeld‘s lovely, clean website and blog, Do It Delicious,  and rather than just reiterate our pasta with clams recipe, we realized hers was EXACTLY the same as ours, with one exception:  we add the juice of two lemons into the clam pot.  It’s like she’s been watching us in our kitchen.

It’s a healthy, hearty and wonderful dish for the family.  We just thought her video (click here to watch the recipe), with the gorgeous Ali Wentworth, her friend, was more fun than us starting a YouTube channel.  Hey wait….there’s a thought!  Hey intern!  Get out the Flip!!!  And be sure to get Jessica’s new book of the same name, Do It Delicious!  Tell us how your pasta came out in the comments section!

OH MY GOODNESS.  It’s actually Thirsty Thursday!  You’ll get a scrumptious cocktail tomorrow, along with our annual “How to Hire the Right Wedding Planner Guide”.  Be sure to visit tomorrow for this awesome, fun, practical and very informative post.  You can sip your cocktail while you read it!

Photo Credit: Deceptively Delicious/Double Delicious

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