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The oppressive heat of the area where our office is has made me a tad melancholy.  Clients often ask – or Shazam – “Hey, what IS that song?” when we’re doing our playlists for parties, clients or ourselves in the office.   We’re obsessed with new music, old music, all genres and something that makes us sing, dance, cry, create, or just chill.

I believe many of us would choose (God forbid) to be lose another sense before hearing.  Here is a little, eclectic summer playlist I’ve been toying with.  These are the YouTube video links.  You will want to buy all of them on iTunes.  Enjoy!

Yes, that's my wonderful white iPad that I love. Listening now!

Adele, “Someone Like You”.  Alas, poor Wino, you did pass the torch.  Adele will be an ICON.

Julian Casablancas, “11th Dimension”.  The modeling agency mogul’s son has a tight band.  Sexy ear candy.

Steve Perry, “Oh Sherrie” – goodness, my childhood.  So nostalgic.  I just CANNOT with a new Journey lead singer.  It’s like watching that horrifying movie, “Rock Star” with Mark Wahlberg as the leather clad replacement singer for “Steeldragon”.   OK, that’s embarrassingly accurate without the aid of Google.

The Pogues, “Fairytale of New York” – with Kirsty McColl.  Come on, kids.  The Pogues!  New York!  Snow!

Arcade Fire, “Intervention” – soaring, anthemic, my favourite band and a new favourite track.

Alison Krauss and Union Station, “Let Me Touch You for a While”.  Took me years to like her.  I’m a damn fool.  Sublime.

Jack Penate – “Pull My Heart Away”.  I don’t know why, but this makes me sob.  In a good way.

R.E.M. – “I’ve Been High” – gorgeous.  All the reasons to love Stipe & Co.  My first show was in my college gymnasium.

Peter Gabriel, “Here Comes the Flood”.  OK, clearly this is shaping up to be an emotional list. 1979 and sounds like new.

Fleetwood Mac, “Landslide” and “Storms”.  Brides – “Landslide” is a perfect father/daughter dance.  “Storms” is my fave.

Fleet Foxes, “Blue Ridge Mountains”.  I am partial to this poetic band and partial to this area of the world.  Naturally.

Alejandro Escovedo, “Sister Lost Soul” – Austin’s best singer songwriter.  Friend of BRUUUUUUCE.  Who I’d marry.

John Mayer, “Perfectly Lonely”.  Yep, he’s an asshat.  Great song.  Not for your first dance if you are a bride to be.

John Hiatt, “Have a Little Faith in Me” – perfection.  That is all.  Oh, a great first dance, by the way!

Massive Attack, “Live With Me” or “Angel”.  Nothing better on a sultry summer night.  Beautiful.

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