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And the bride wore black = Gothic Betrothic via Vera.

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Here at F4, we don’t think that rules apply, except for etiquette rules.  If a bride wants to wear pink or green or blue or puce, well – go for it.  As long as it is appropriate and stylish.

Without further fanfare, we present (it’s been making the rounds), Vera Wang‘s new couture collection of black and nude wedding gowns.  (Sidebar:  that “10 Ways to Piss Off Your Wedding Planner article above is hilarious and 85% true!)  To be sure, it takes a confident bride to carry off a colour like black.   Even Gwen Stefani‘s ombre Galliano pink was daring.  To wit, Sarah Jessica Parker famously wed Matthew Broderick in a black gown, to the applause of fashion mavens everywhere.  Only very recently did Sarah say she regretted that fashion choice and wishes she had reconsidered.

Point is:  know who you are.  Know your strengths.  Think about such a choice and say to yourself, “What will my photos look like in 30 years?  Will I wonder what I was thinking?”  It’s a fabulous line, but not for everyone.  I would also posit that if you do one of these gowns, keep the makeup smoky but simply and go for a nude nail – not black.







Photo Credit: Vera Wang


















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