Bridal Beauty Resolution #1 – Dry Brushing

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No, not your hair, sillies.  Dry body brushing.

Years ago, with no kids and much more time on my hands, I was (and still am, really) a beauty product and regimen addict. I recently resurrected one of these practices, mostly for research purposes and in doing so, realized that dry body brushing is more than just beauty folly.  The health benefits of dry body brushing are legion and, if you will be marching down the aisle this year, it’s a must for glowy skin, which, by the way, is our biggest organ.  So, go beyond your face and neck and think “whole body”.

So, in full disclosure, I actually thought to myself one day “hmmm…what happened to that body brush I had from ______?”  I think it was from The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works.  A quick Google search, and I brushed up (pun intended) on why I had begun the regimen in the first place.  Body brushing not only exfoliates, but it revs up the lymphatic system, improves circulation and blood flow, defeats cellulite, eliminates toxins and helps whatever product you use to sink in more effectively.  A total win.    I wear a lot of black sweaters and darned if I didn’t notice with the winter cold (and dry heat indoors) that errant flakes were adorning my cashmere.   Gross.

So, off to, where I found a terrific body brush.  Now, it’s not for the fainthearted, as it’s a tad painful, like whisking steel wool across your skin.  Start slowly and gently, maybe three times a week pre-shower or bath.  Work in small areas, from the feet up and always brush towards your heart.  Pay extra attention to elbows and knees.   Here’s a good primer from   I swear on a stack on Vogues that flakes were a-flying the first time I did it in three years.  And you know what?  One month later and my skin is glowing, soft and noticeably improved in texture.  I usually follow up with some essential oils in the bath and a great body butter like Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, Sephora‘s Body Butter, Chanel No. 5 Body Milk or, a seasonal favorite, Origins’ Ginger Body Soufflé.

So, brush away – your body (and anyone who touches it) will thank you, as will your general health.  And that wedding gown – strapless, backless, plunging – will highlight the gorgeousness of healthy skin.

You can use natural bristle or a loofah-based brush.

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