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Giveaway Goodness! Calling all aspiring cooks!

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Do you like to cook?  Are you useless in the kitchen (well, no one is useless if they can cue up the music and pour wine) and want to learn some simple ways to feed yourself, your sweetheart, your kids?

Today’s Great, Gorgeous Giveaway is a copy of Jessica Seinfeld‘s newest cookbook, Double Delicious, which I blogged about in December.  The website, in conjunction with the book, is a terrific way to learn to cook so many great dishes, many under 15 minutes.  The key is to utilize the freshest ingredients and highest quality tools.

For example:  are you intimitated by the idea of a “Sunday Roast”?  Watch this video! http://www.doitdelicious.com/recipes/make_it/herb_roasted_beef

To qualify for the contest, please tell us  in the comments section, by January 13 what your cooking challenges are, your most nightmarish dish, or why you deserve this cookbook – perhaps you are a new bride to be wondering what to do with all the things you are registering for.  Perhaps you are a busy parent, looking to turn away from processed foods.  The most interesting, hilarious answer will have the book shipped to them January 15 via Priority overnight.  Good luck!  The winner will be announced on the blog and on Twitter (DolceParties) with Ms. Seinfeld being copied on your win – perhaps she’ll throw in some extra tips!

And guess what?  Another giveaway later today for brides and grooms only! Plus, Thirsty Thursday!  xoxo

Photo Credit: Jessica Seinfeld

We’re back! Food Friday – Jessica Seinfeld’s Pasta with Clams!

We’ve been on the road a bit, but stay tuned for our revamped website, our much more regular blog, better Tweeting and fresh ideas.  Being crazy busy event planners and especially, wedding planners means that clients come first! Liz’s “other” job as author has taken over her life for a bit, along with 2 young children and a new home.  Phew!

That said, we stumbled upon Jessica Seinfeld‘s lovely, clean website and blog, Do It Delicious,  and rather than just reiterate our pasta with clams recipe, we realized hers was EXACTLY the same as ours, with one exception:  we add the juice of two lemons into the clam pot.  It’s like she’s been watching us in our kitchen.

It’s a healthy, hearty and wonderful dish for the family.  We just thought her video (click here to watch the recipe), with the gorgeous Ali Wentworth, her friend, was more fun than us starting a YouTube channel.  Hey wait….there’s a thought!  Hey intern!  Get out the Flip!!!  And be sure to get Jessica’s new book of the same name, Do It Delicious!  Tell us how your pasta came out in the comments section!

OH MY GOODNESS.  It’s actually Thirsty Thursday!  You’ll get a scrumptious cocktail tomorrow, along with our annual “How to Hire the Right Wedding Planner Guide”.  Be sure to visit tomorrow for this awesome, fun, practical and very informative post.  You can sip your cocktail while you read it!

Photo Credit: Deceptively Delicious/Double Delicious

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