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Mayjah Giveaway next week – tell your engaged friends.

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Next week, we are giving away one of our highly coveted “E-Consultation” ($500) value to a lucky bride.  You can read about it here and here.  It’s insanely popular and we gals at dolce parties are really happy we added it to our services about a year ago.

To qualify:  you must be a subscriber to this blog, must be engaged, must use the service by the end of 2012 and can be located anywhere in the United States OR be having a destination wedding, since we service all areas, although we are based in D.C.  So, email your engaged friends, tweet this, talk it up.  We are thrilled to offer this wonderful gift to one very lucky couple.

We will post the giveaway next Wednesday and have 48 hours of open comments before choosing a winner, who will be announced Saturday morning.    The winner will get the most fantastic advice, vendor recos, planning tools, contract reviews and emotional support from Team Dolce.

Sorry to put requirements on it, but clearly, the giveaway needs to go to the appropriate winner.  And fear not, we will be giving another one away in March for all the girls getting sparklers on that special finger over the December holidays and Valentine’s Day.  This is for someone already planning and perhaps stressing a wee bit.

Color wheel – coming up.  So much deliciousness.

Briday Friday – Ways to Afford a Luxury Wedding Planner.

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Let’s face it; many of you reading this blog don’t think you can swing a luxurious, professional, real wedding planner with chops.  Not true.

When the economy took a serious downturn (well, both times in my career) right when my son Leo was born around Labor Day 2008, luxury businesses crashed along with it.  So we set a plan into motion.  While our full-service couture wedding planning is still considered “pricey” (but tends to save you money, time and stress), we devised the very popular E-consultation that can be used by any bride, anywhere in the country or abroad.  It can be found under the “About Us” tab on the website.

With E-consultation, we don’t meet in person, BUT, for $500 we will advise locations, caterers, photographers, cake designers, dress shops, vacation spots and any and all vendors that we believe fit YOUR style, budget and philosophy.  Since we are well-versed all over the country, this can be a great way to start.  We will work with you for a period of three months of your choosing via email.  Unlimited.  Together, we’ll create a beautiful wedding without huge expense that reflects your taste and involves our expertise and understanding of vendors.  So, if you are sitting there, flipping through magazines and blogs, with a career and a limited budget and a whole lot of stress, do give us a ring or an email and we’d love to show you how it can work for you.

Now, relax and have a cappucino.

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