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Tantalizing Tuesday – Dylan Lauren’s Sweet Wedding (and life!)

You know, I’ve always admired Dylan Lauren for her work ethic, amazing idea (Dylan’s Candy Bar) and insanely long, glossy chestnut mane.  And to be dressed by her father, well…so it was with great enthusiasm that everyone held their breath as they wondered what Ralph Lauren would design for his only daughter’s wedding gown.  He certainly didn’t disappoint.  Behold: (more later on the actual wedding!)

Photo Credit: Vogue


Magic Monday. Breathless – the Lauren Lauren Wedding.

Yes, some images from the Lauren Bush/David Lauren wedding.  Feast your eyes.  Rustic.  Chic.  Ranch.  Vogue.  I’ll follow up with Dylan Lauren‘s wedding, after this discussion (Dylan, of Dylan’s Candy Bar is David’s sister and Ralph’s daughter).  Lauren Bush-Lauren is the niece of former President George W. Bush and daughter of Sharon Bush, his former sister-in-law.

For now, let’s feast our eyes on this magic.  Word has it that Ralph designed the gown with the help of his friend Vera Wang.  Gotta love that.  What I love about it is that the dress, as demure as it looks, is completely backless.  And only Lauren could pull off the jeweled headband look the correct way that a certain reality TV bride ended up making look like a Disney character.  Her bridal party all wore cowboy boots and the groom wore blue socks.  I love the touches.  The wedding was held at Ralph and Ricki Lauren’s immense and beautiful ranch in Colorado.  I cannot wait to see the menu and I am willing to bet each guest got one of Lauren’s “FEED” bags as a favor – what wonderful work the former model has done on behalf of hunger.  Brava!

Photo Credits: Norman Jean Roy

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