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Happy, healthy 2012 to you all! We are back with stylish vengeance.

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So, who got a shiny new bauble over the holidays?  Keep admiring it and give us a “ring” if you are so inclined.  ♠

We still have to catch up on those promised posts from before the holiday, but it seemed our party schedule kept us away.  We vow that it won’t happen again.  We have a great year in store for all of you planning weddings, parties, dinners and drinks.  Hang with us here or on our other media and we have a new year of deliciousness, gorgeousness, humor, practicality and sparkles planned for you.

So far, we’ve got consultations for 3 D.C. area weddings, 2 Hamptons, 2 Connecticut and one Caribbean destination, so we are busy and happy planners.  We cannot wait to meet all of these stylish girls and their betrotheds.

Before our first post, though, we wanted to let you know that Gilt Groupe is having a sale RIGHT NOW of Thread Social – our favorite bridesmaids’, engagement party and special event dresses.  Please accept our invitation to enjoy this fantastic sale – GO!  Click here: http://www.gilt.com/invite/lseccuro

See you in a few – and on Wedding Wednesday, we’ll review the best and worst of 2011 celebrity wedding details – cannot wait.


Reese, Natalie, LeAnn….you?? Happy Engagement, new BTB!

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Well, if you found a ring under the tree or at the stroke of midnight, you are not alone!  Congratulations!  Over forty percent of our nation’s engagements take place between November 15 and February 15, so there you have it.

First things first – enjoy this time!  Do NOT run around looking at bridal magazines and blogs and driving your fiance insane.  It’s early days.  Let it sink in.  As a pro planner with over 300 weddings under my belt, I can also say NOT to think you must book a reception location immediately.  That is a falsehood.  As a matter of fact, I usually won’t take a wedding client over 9 months out.  Trust me when I tell you that you will change your mind on every little facet of the wedding, including location, about three times.  Think big picture – think marriage!  Think in broad terms of size, style, climate and think wedding planner – he/she is an absolute necessity in guiding you through the madness!

Please send a photo of your ring to us, so we can post.  Things you CAN think about:  dress shopping (if you are going to New York for a weekend of it), an engagement photo shoot (see Style Me Pretty for the best in your area), hiring a planner (even if only for “day of”) and meeting each others’ families if you have not done so already.  Please direct other questions to the comment section and we’ll be happy to answer ALL of them!  And YES, “How to Hire A Wedding Planner” post is coming!!!!

Do email us at info@dolceparties.com to set up an informative and complimentary consultation – and visit our website for some inspiration!  We’re so happy for you!  Enjoy this time and know that you don’t have to rush!

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