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Hey, Kim – I would very much like those placemats back.

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Now, we’d like to interrupt our regular scheduled programming to discuss the (inevitable) demise of the Kardashian-Humphries union.  Please comment, but do be polite.  We won’t post any words like “famewhore” – it’s tacky.  Honestly, we point the finger squarely at Mama Kris Jenner, but who are we to judge?  I will say this – Kim Kardashian has a very powerful brand and work ethic.  But marriages need effort, too, no matter how hard you work or how much you value money.  And money she has – they MADE $17 million on the wedding and most of the vendors – and we know all of them – donated their services for press.  Oy.

Did Kim love him?  Was it arranged for E! and the cameras?  Should she sell the ring and donate the money to charity?  Is it because she didn’t want to move to Minneapolis?  Why was she working on “brand Kim” in Dubai, and today in Australia with a brand spanking new marriage? Did tension between the families break them?   Must she give back those gifts?  Registry here, if you haven’t read it before.  Wowza.

I wish everyone love in their marriage, but in watching the show, she seemed way more excited about the ring (well, come on!) than the idea of a marriage.  He seems heartbroken and shocked.  Sound off, people.

PS – I never did blog about the wedding, but suffice it to say, we at the office were not impressed.  From her headpiece to the 1980’s black and white theme to the dresses, we did not love it.  She should have walked down a black aisle runner to show off that veil.  And I know the lovely aisle runner designer and she can do no wrong.   The menu was simply and lovely, though, although some have sniped about them serving chicken (“The Cheaper Chicken” – “Father of the Bride”) as the main course.  Again, give us your thoughts.

The Kardumphries Kut the Kake

Wedding Cake Crumbs – Lots of Weddings to Swoon Over

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I’m going to flesh out this post later with commentary on fashion, food, guests, decor, but the last two weeks were Wedderific!  From the tacky to the sublime, the over-the-top to the graceful, we have 4 weddings to discuss!

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries (sort of have to!)

Petra Ecclestone & James Stunt (richest. bride. ever.)

Sofia Coppola & Thomas Mars (swoon – love her films!)

Pandora Vanderpump-Todd & Jason Sabo (her mom is Lisa, the owner of Villa Blanca, one of my L.A. favorites.)

Mixing a fresh Bloody Mary – I made the heirloom tomato puree!  Then, I’ll be back to dish weddings!


Stationery Saturday – Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Invitations.

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Without further adieu – and I’ve worked many times with Lehr & Black (fabulous), here are Kim Kardashian and Kris (the groom, not the Mom – does anyone else find that odd that Kim K. is marrying a man with the same name as Mama Kris…but I digress) Humphries’ WEDDING INVITES.

Photo credit: Pop Sugar, Lehr & Black

I think it’s not as modern as it could be.  I think it’s trying too hard. I think it could have been a bit more chic and sleek.  I’m still studying it for any errors.  I’ll bet I’ll find one.  Each one has a card containing a number to call for the secret location.  Please – TMZ will have helicopters all over the area.  No privacy is wrong, regardless of how you feel about Kim.  I want to see the menu, the gowns and hear about the music and favors.


Each was hand-delivered to the invitees in a black velvet box covered with hundreds of black hematite crystals.  I would estimate that each invitation suite and box was about $100 per, plus delivery costs.  We do hand-deliver invites.  We’ve done metal, suede, wood, you name it.  But this is beyond luxury.  Note the K logo created by Lehr & Black.  Can we also just ban any more “K” names in the family?  So, we know it’s formal, we know it’s August 20 and we know it’s in Montecito, close to Oprah’s retreat of a mansion.  I am sure Oprah is not invited.

What do you think of Kim K’s invitations?  Over the top or perfect for the reality bombshell and powerhouse brand?

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