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Thirsty Thursday – Chic Indoor/Outdoor beverage tubs. Love!

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Although the idea of hosting an outdoor party anywhere without a breeze or a temp over 90 degrees right now is anathema to most sane people, these beauties can be used indoors or outdoors.

Our first pick is a jaunty, striped, monogrammed metal tub with enamel cast in fun colors from Neiman Marcus.  Click on the link to purchase.  Just gorgeous!

I recently went to a party down the block from me and the hostess had the most wonderful beverage coolers by Bungalow by Scout. It’s called the Scout Party Bucket.  They are waterproof PVC, can be filled with ice and are great to ice down beer, wine, waters, sodas – great at home or a tailgate and easily cleaned.  Lovely patterns like electric-hued toiles.  Scout has many other products in their line – from stylish lunch bags to insulated picnic coolers.

Photo Courtesy of Bungalow by Scout

Or, go to eBay and check out the many options there!




Tuesday Shoesday – for a Sunday!

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Well, I’ve had a heckuva holiday week and a half.  I’ve been in bed with a ruptured eardrum, sinus infection and bronchitis – so clearly, my blogging has been sporadic at best.  I’ve been told I won’t be able to hear in my right ear for another two weeks (blah!) so I have really come to appreciate all of my senses.  Time to turn over a new leaf.

Normally, I remain committed to Tuesday Shoesday, but I came across these Brian Atwood beauties and, well, enough said.  What do you think?  Did you wear fabulous shoes on New Year’s Eve?  Send us a picture in the comments section and we’d be happy to post it!

Happy, healthy, fabulous, prosperous and wonderful New Year to all of you!  xoxo

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