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Wonderful Wednesday – some notes about the goodness!

Happy Holidays!  A few things, my lovelies!

After an overwhelming request to include my own photography on the blog, that will begin in the new year.   I am by no means a professional photographer, but I just got my first mack-daddy digital SLR (I am old school – I have Diana LOMO cameras, non-professional digital cameras and my iPhone, iPad and Blackberry), but now that I am focusing on words like “bokeh” and “aperture”, you can expect much more artful content.

Many of you emailed our office about how to make those gorgeous Tory Burch gold cupcakes (perhaps with your own logo or monogram or wedding/party motif), so we’ll be posting that today.

Are you vegan?  Experimenting?  I made a vegan soup last night that was so rich and satisfying, you would not ever know it was vegan – it’s a roasted tomato and butternut squash soup and it’s easy-peasy.  I’ll be posting the recipe and a photo of the soup – next time, I’ll do that lovely step by step photo thang that food bloggers do.  Let’s just say an immersion blender is the best $50 you’ll ever spend (and brides, register for one!).

Holiday Color Wheel continues with ORANGE today.

Are you fed up with gift guides?  I have a great last minute gift guide for today.  You’ll love it.  Truth be told, I need to attend my little girl’s holiday sing and get a much needed mani/pedi (what color, what color???), so you’ll be seeing the blog posts later.  In the meantime, please enjoy your coffee or as I am, some lavender Earl Grey tea – or get started a little early on the eggnog.  Cheers!

Tuesday Shoesday, Part Two – Barbara Bui, old school obsession.

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Growing up, my beloved mom used to wear togs from Barbara Bui, who had a fabulous shop on the Upper East Side.  It was like a more couture-ish Chico’s vibe.  In the 80s, I stole some tunics and a great pair of boots.  Love.  Well, imagine my surprise when I attended a Halloween party and one of the guests was rocking the most gorgeous pair of shoes.  I asked who had designed them and almost spit out my “blood punch” (cranberry and vodka, folks, with lychee fruit eyeballs – we should have posted it!) when she said, “Barbara Bui”!  Which sounds like Baba Booey when you say it fast, right?

In big love with these beige python platforms with 5 inch heel.  But do go here for a look at some of the others – everyone should have a ShopStyle account – great fun to play with the app on your iPhone or iPad, organize your wishlists and get alerts when something goes on major sale, or do a Google image search of Barbara Bui shoes.  Enjoy.

Photo credit: BarbaraBui.com


The days have been a little crazy, but I promise to be back later this afternoon with my Guide to Stellar Groomsmen Gifts.  In the meantime, if you’re having a stressful week, take a gander at this adorable gift.  Clearly it’s tongue in cheek, but I just love it.  And to see the whole gallery of “Vices” ceramics, click here.  Party planners understand this.  As do brides and hosts, certainly.  Which one would you purchase?

Photo Credit: Jonathan Adler

Thank you again, Mr. Adler.  See you soon!

Fresh and Beautiful Gifts for Bridesmaids.

Here at F4 (or DP, really), we carefully and lovingly curate and shop for bridesmaids gifts on behalf of our brides, have them wrapped gorgeously and have hand-calligraphed notes prepared for each recipient.  But YOU (as the bride) know your girls, and know how much they are doing for you during your engagement, so it’s incumbent upon you to select meaningful gifts.  As a bridesmaid myself, I’ve received many wonderful and touching gifts – I love love having creative friends.

In general, I frown upon a “one-size fits all” gift – much as I do the dresses for your besties, so my advice is to purchase something meaningful for each – or at least vary the color, the style, etc.  And throw in a copy of the DVD of “Bridesmaids”.  Why the heck not?  It’s such a treat.

In rounding up this list, I realized we would do this each season, but these are some of the things catching our eyes right now.

For the Techie:  The Tory Burch Metallic “Robinson” eTablet Carrying Case.  Now, this comes in black and red as well, but I love the pop of this color – Moss Gold.  Not too disco ball – just the thing.

Photo Credit: Tory Burch

For the Girl Who Switches Cell Phone Covers as Often as Her Lingerie:  J’adore these cute, monogrammed cases for iPhones (3, 4) by Clairebella.  See all designs here.  Very affordable and oh, so chic.  We cannot decide and may get them all.

Photo Credit: Layla Grace

For the Gilded Swan:  I am superbly in love with all things gold (works for all coloring), but especially rose gold.  Why not try these elegant rose gold hoops from this wonderful Etsy seller, CrazyDaisyDesigns?  She has other gorgeous jewelry as well.  Rose gold is THE thing.  And much better than forcing your maids to wear matching pearl earring and necklace sets.  Think “what would she wear on a daily basis?”.

Photo Credit: Etsy/CrazyDaisyDesigns

For Miss Park Avenue – you simply cannot go wrong with the iconic, affordable, Tiffany & Company change purse in signature robin’s egg (Tiffany) blue patent leather.  This is from the new leather range at T&Co., designed with the help of the fine folks at Lambertson Truex (love).  She can repurpose it for business cards, spare jewelry, credit cards, or her secret Champagne allowance.  It’s also a “something blue”.

Tiffany & Co. leather coinpurse with Kiss Lock.

For the Workaholic or Lounge Lizard:  Who doesn’t need a fabulous new robe?  And no, not ones with a rhinestone “Bridesmaid” emblazoned across the back.  That goes for brides, too, with tracksuits, lingerie, etc.  No “Future Mrs. Tacky”.  Instead, gift your girl or girls with these gorgeous cotton voile robes, lounge dresses and pants/tanks from Plum Pretty Sugar.  I couldn’t choose just one, so click around the site.  Sort of the robe version of my now ten year long obsession with Bedhead Pajamas.  I still have those Ming Green ones with yellow piping.

Photo Credit: 1313 Photography

For the Bohemian Princess:  Serena & Lily is my go-to for my kids’ linens, the Moroccan pouf in my office and some fabric for the chairs in my dining room.  Also great for Moses Basket gifts for expectant pals.  Now, while this bag MAY be a diaper bag at heart, it’s totally cool to use as a real bag and it’s just beautiful. Presenting the Peacock Gypsy Tote.  Just take out the changing pad OR, perhaps don’t.  She’ll be a Mama one day.   I am showing the image with the baby so that you can see the scale/size of the bag.  Would totally fit a laptop or a tablet, too.

Photo Credit: Serena & Lily

For the WASP-chic Palm Beachy Gal:  I could not decide will all of the delight on the Jonathan Adler site.  I’ve professed my love of him before (and DO go to his SoHo flagship store if you get a chance) and he does NOT disappoint here.  I mean, needlepoint?  Ping Pong?  It’s like chocolate and peanut butter, I tell ya.  Buy 2.  Palm Beach girl will adore.  Oh, psst – he’s got tennis racquet covers, too.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Adler

There are a few more ideas percolating.  Tell us, what was your favorite bridesmaid gift to give or receive?  Worst?  Tell us here on the site.  Tomorrow?  Guide to Groomsmens’ gifts and of course, #TuesdayShoesday.  We have a winner of the gift card giveaway, so we’ll announce that as well.

Toodles – L

Sunday CakePop Crumbs…are YOU ready for Missoni at Target?

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OK, I admit, I have always loved Missoni – both vintage and new – and I’m lucky enough to have a few prized pieces – a tunic, a sweater, a bikini.  But they come at a price!  Well, frugal gals (and guys), Margherita Missoni and famiglia bring their prized zigzags to Target on September 13, with most prices under $40.  Here are a few of the things I am coveting.  I am sure I’ll storm the barricades that morning at opening, pronto!  Will you?

So many pieces for brides, bridesmaids, your newlywed home, those who love to entertain and beach!

So loving this demitasse set for espresso! Prego!How adorable are the appetizer plates?

Unrelated - Missoni Bugaboo. Spotted Rachel Zoe with hers last week in East Hampton Starbucks. She looked great and the baby is adorable!

Four fabulous looks! Check out the swimsuit!

Tuesday Shoesday – The Basic Shoe Wardrobe

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I firmly believe that every gal (and guy) should have a basic shoe wardrobe of staples.  I’ve taken it too far, but now, have learned how to store my shoes and boots in a well-edited, almost archival way with dustbags in clear boxes from Container Store and I’ve even gotten the reboot of the Polaroid camera and I tape a photo of the shoes on said box.  But, today is not about excess – I keep some of my designer treasures and wedding shoes to pass down to my decidedly tomboyish daughter, who will one day love them.

I also recognize the value of Saludos, Havainas, TOMS and other inexpensive but necessary summer and fall staples.

But, here’s what every gal should have in her shoes wardrobe (include those adorable Minnetonkas from yesterday’s post!):

High-heeled slingback pump.  I like a slingback better than a plain pump – and I wear my “Carolyne” by Manolo Blahnik in black for many meetings and events.  I’ve had them for 7 years.  You can find similar style in other price points on Piperlime.com and Zappos.com, of course!   You can get them from 2″ heel height to 4″.  The white satin version is a bridal favorite as well!

Photo: Courtesy Manolo Blahnik

Moving on:  everyone should have a great pair of cap-toe ballet flats.  So many to choose from!  Revolutionized by the Chanel quilted ballet flat and updated recently with Gap’s Urban flats (they fold up and come in a little baggie – love), I am loving these cap-toes from LOFT this season.  Adorable. There are no images on the web for these, so click on the hyperlink to see the four different colors!  And a way softer price point than the Lanvin’s and Miu Miu‘s that are almost identical!

Wellies:  When the weather turns rainy, cute Wellies are a must.  I wear Hunter and J. Crew has some great ones.  They are cutest with short denim skirts or cute shorts – very leg-lengthening.  Or, tuck your skinnies into them.  A must have for rain or shine!  Remember Kate Moss at Glastonbury?  She rocked those!






The Nude Platform Stiletto Pump:  Nothing, and I mean, nothing, looks better on legs and makes them look miles long than these babies.  You don’t have to get Louboutins.  Nine West makes a respectable one.  But it must have the platform footbed in order to be comfortable.  I wear these shockingly often with everything from jumpsuits to pencil skirts and evening cocktail dresses.  You’ll be shocked how much you love them!


I would also add to this list strappy gold flat sandals, Sebago or Sperry Topsider boat moccasins, Tretorn sneakers and some adorable wedge espadrilles.  Oh, and one pair of absolutely knock-out strappy high-heeled silver stilettos (what I wore to my own wedding, by Giuseppe Zanotti)!  Happy Tuesday Shoesday!


Stationery Saturday – Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Invitations.

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Without further adieu – and I’ve worked many times with Lehr & Black (fabulous), here are Kim Kardashian and Kris (the groom, not the Mom – does anyone else find that odd that Kim K. is marrying a man with the same name as Mama Kris…but I digress) Humphries’ WEDDING INVITES.

Photo credit: Pop Sugar, Lehr & Black

I think it’s not as modern as it could be.  I think it’s trying too hard. I think it could have been a bit more chic and sleek.  I’m still studying it for any errors.  I’ll bet I’ll find one.  Each one has a card containing a number to call for the secret location.  Please – TMZ will have helicopters all over the area.  No privacy is wrong, regardless of how you feel about Kim.  I want to see the menu, the gowns and hear about the music and favors.


Each was hand-delivered to the invitees in a black velvet box covered with hundreds of black hematite crystals.  I would estimate that each invitation suite and box was about $100 per, plus delivery costs.  We do hand-deliver invites.  We’ve done metal, suede, wood, you name it.  But this is beyond luxury.  Note the K logo created by Lehr & Black.  Can we also just ban any more “K” names in the family?  So, we know it’s formal, we know it’s August 20 and we know it’s in Montecito, close to Oprah’s retreat of a mansion.  I am sure Oprah is not invited.

What do you think of Kim K’s invitations?  Over the top or perfect for the reality bombshell and powerhouse brand?

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