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Sunday Funday – but all about #followfriday.

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If you don’t already, please do pass the word – we’ll be upgrading the blog very soon with my fabulous soon to be bloggy hero Emma Jane.  But also, do follow us on:

Instagram:  jarofsparkles

Twitter: @dolceparties

Pinterest: jarofsparkles

Foodspotting (the iPad app): Liz Seccuro

I promise that the content and fun is varied, unique and different, so choose your platform.  We share food, music, party ideas, photos, inspiration, wedding fun, beauty, fashion, and, um, sparkles.


What would you like to see on our YouTube Channel? (giveaway!)

So, we’re filming bits for our YouTube channel and want to know what our readers would like to see!

– Wedding advice?  Fashion?  DIY Wedding and party projects?  Cooking demos?  How to do place settings?  How to do an inspiro board?  Etiquette? Decorating at home?  Shopping trips for the best of everything?  Travel tips?  Honeymoon tips?  How to pack a suitcase?  Beauty, hair, jewelry how-to?

Tell us here and we’ll choose a random winner for a $25 Target, Amazon or Ulta gift card (your pick).  Which, apparently, you can no longer use for Missoni.  Oh, yeah, we scored.  We’ll tell you about it later.  GO!

PS – off to get my summer hair chopped shorter and re-lit.  I’ll post pics later!


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