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The Vegan Chronicles

As an omnivore, I am asked more and more to help clients plan vegan party celebrations.  My secret?  I eat vegan when I have the chance (Pure Food & Wine, Candle Cafe, among others) and have slowly been working on cooking vegan dishes for when my friends visit.  I actually have quite a few vegan pals, including my BFF, Tabatha.

While I love a juicy, grass-fed steak and a smear of goat cheese on some flatbread like the next gal and , I appreciate the opportunity to eat in a vegan way and not because of the moral issues, but because it makes me feel good. And believe me, I knew how factory farms are run far before Michael Pollan enlightened us, along with “Fast Food Nation” and the seminal film, “Food, Inc.”.  My husband is one of the leading authorities on how our food gets to our tables and he’s seen some really ugly stuff.  Picture Hazmat suits and waders. So, yes, I should be moved by the morality issue, but there are family farms that humanely raise and harvest their animals.  Sorry, PETA.

I’ve made vegan pastas, “omelettes”, potato salads, vegetable dishes, vegan pizzas – you name it.  There are also some terrific vegan desserts on the market.

If you want to dip your toe into vegan entertaining, or even just cooking at home, I recommend the following cookbooks.  They are treasures!

“The Voluptuous Vegan” by Myra Kornfeld

“Vegan Planet” by Robin Robertson

“Veganomicon – The Ultimate Vegan Coobook” by Isa Moskowitz and Terry Romero

“The Complete Vegan Kitchen” by Jannequin Bennett

“Babycakes” (vegan baking from the eponymous NY/LA bakery) by Erin McKenna

Enjoy your experimental (or continuing) foray into vegan eating and lifestyle.  And let us know if you have a favorite cookbook or any sort of book about vegan living!  Nom, nom, nom!

The “pop” movement gains steam at weddings

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I’ve seen cupcake pops, candy apple pops, pie pops, you name it.  But these, from Bakerella, are just darling and oh, so chic!


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